Are you ready to find out the root cause of your fertility struggles and change your life?





    Caitlin C

    I can’t believe how quickly my cycle changed for the better. I was having various issues such as very long cycles, heavy periods, and mid cycle bleeding. I was also so incredibly tired all the time, beyond mom tired. I didn’t know what was wrong, I just knew that something was off. Maria knew exactly what was going on right away. My cycle issues have cleared up (in less than 6 months!) and I have way more energy. I can not recommend fertility treatment enough. Your health is worth it!

    Ashley H

    I’ve been a client of Maria’s for about 7 years now. She is very kind and caring. After having to go most of my life suffering from PMS symptoms I am so thankful to find the help I was looking for and to understand what was happening with my cycles. I am now pregnant with my fifth Napro baby and we are so blessed and thankful to have found the help we needed to start our family. I highly recommended this program- you will not regret it!

    Jen J

    Maria is knowledgeable and caring. I wish I had met her sooner. PCOS has been ignored by doctors and they pushed me for expensive fertility treatments. Maria helped me identify the root cause. She responds to my emails promptly. I am thankful for the wonderful support from her. I could definitely see progress in my health overall.

    Steph R

    Maria is amazing! She is the most kind, dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner. We have been working with her since 2015 and if it wasn’t for her knowledge and experience we likely wouldn’t have gotten down to the root of my infertility. Treatment of my hormone imbalance was not invasive and it allowed us to conceive naturally and maintain our pregnancies. We are beyond grateful to have Maria journey with us through all our pregnancies and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their cycles or struggling to conceive.


    The Creighton Model FertilityCare 3 month program for women who want to maximize chances of a healthy conception and pregnancy by investing 10 minutes/day — to feel better their whole reproductive life.

      Maria Bizecki, Certified NaPro fertility pharmacist and FertilityCare practitioner is here to help you succeed.

      Feeling like your current fertility strategies aren’t bringing in the kind of results you hoped they would?

      Sure, you’re gathering information about your fertility cycle through fertility apps, facebook support groups or the internet. Perhaps you are using herbals, ovulation predictor kits, thermometers, or you’ve already visited your doctor or fertility clinic and still nothing is working to help you achieve pregnancy or improve your health. But just between us? You haven’t been given the answers or validation that something isn’t right with your body, and your concerns have been dismissed. Your lack of understanding that there are options out there to restore your fertility is preventing you from achieving a healthy pregnancy.

      You have spent time, money and emotional energy on your current fertility strategy. In fact, it feels more like a hamster wheel than a comfortable Sunday drive. And every month keeps going by with a negative pregnancy test and you ask yourself “what am I doing wrong?” It is frustrating and disheartening. But it doesn’t have to be this way because there is a way to quickly find out what is wrong and start making progress immediately.

      Plus, you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do — and you’re the one who’s doing it all! How are you supposed to be successful with pregnancy when you are stressed out without much support? Focusing too much on the wrong technology or health care professionals who aren’t trained in fertility restoration is overcomplicating the matter.

      And frankly, you’re exhausted. you’ve put all this effort into achieving but are getting nowhere… so put your effort into a program that has been proven to identify where the underlying problem exists and what to do about it!

        How are you supposed to achieve or maintain pregnancy when you haven’t been told what the root problem is?

        How are you supposed to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS when you keep flying solo?

        How are you supposed to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES of PREGNANCY without a proper medical model to follow?

        Here’s a few things you need, but maybe didn’t realize:

        A practitioner who’s actually been on the front lines and gotten successful results for women and The support and experience that an allied health professional can bring can give you clarity and show you how to identify your underlying issues in a simple way.

        A step-by-step framework you could follow that would eliminate the stress you feel and keep you focused to hit your fertility goals — without burning you out. You want You want clear. You want time tested and proven.

        Accountability to make sure you’re not accidentally getting in your own way. Sometimes you get so caught up in achieving



        The 3 month Creighton Model FertilityCare program for women who want to gain confidence in fertility charting and knowledge so they can quickly maximize chances of a healthy conception and pregnancy.

        Emily T

        They helped us conceive not one but two children (separate pregnancies) after experiencing three years of infertility. Maria was extremely helpful in implementing the NaPro practice of natural fertility methods which was very important to us. Such a great alternative to IUI and IVF – takes into account the overall health and well being of the entire female and much more cost.

        Tara A

        After 1 miscarriage and 5 years of infertility Maria was able to help us conceive a baby boy and he was born in 2016. Since that time we have had 2 more babies and it was easier to achieve a pregnancy at 37 years old that it was at 29 because Maria had identified the cause of our infertility and we found healing. Maria will work endlessly to help get to the root cause of each couples unique fertility challenges and will provide individualized support along the way! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.

        There truly is no one quite like her and I believe that anyone who works with her will find healing and will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for.

        Marina R

        Maria is amazing. She was able to identify my hormones issues and, on the first month of treatment, I was able to get pregnant. I still can’t believe it!!! We were put in an IVF list due to “unknown infertility reason”. All regular tests showed that there was nothing wrong with us, but Maria dug in and was able to realize what was going on. Now, she’s helping me to go through the pregnancy without any issues. I feel confident that she’ll take good care of us. Her dedication shows that she really cares about the work she does and I feel blessed that God put her in our way.

        The System you need to Monitor, Maintain and Evaluate your Fertility

        The Creighton Model FertilityCare System starts with a 3-month fertility charting and education program with a allied health practitioner who is committed to helping you identify your root cause of infertility, miscarriage, or other reproductive health concerns.

        This medical model, developed by American restorative fertility specialist and surgeon, Dr. Thomas Hilgers, OB/Gyn has worked for thousands of women and couples for over 40 years to help them achieve pregnancy and be healed of underlying fertility conditions. It is a program that is available world wide.


        This is for you if suffer from:

          • Infertility,
          • IVF/IUI failure,
          • Endometriosis,
          • Pelvic Pain,
          • Polycystic Ovarian Disease,
          • Miscarriage,
          • Post Partum Depression,
          • PMS,
          • other reproductive health issues

        What makes us different?

          • Non-invasive and non-artificial technology
          • Virtual appointments available worldwide
          • Simple to learn
          • Timely access –little to no waiting
          • Proven track record and success rates
          • Affordable
          • Welcomes women of all reproductive age
          • Root cause, long term health oriented program
          • Personalized service
          • Empowers women and couples

        What You Get in


          • Customized appointments
          • Timely access
          • Growth tracking and accountability
          • Referrals






        • 3 month fertility charting and education program
        • Standardized program
        • Taught by trained FertilityCare Practitioner
          • allied health care professionals that focus solely on teaching fertility charting skills
          • 13 month certificate program training
        • Introductory session
        • 5 Follow ups, approximately one hour each
        • Support for questions or concerns in between follow ups
        • Referral service for NaProTechnology restorative fertility treatment
        • Pregnancy evaluation
        • Virtual services
        • All hardcopy materials




        • 6 month fertility coaching program with lead strategist Maria Bizecki, NaPro fertility pharmacist
        • Once monthly, one hour private virtual session
        • Creighton Model FertilityCare chart review and feedback
        • Map out health strategies to achieve goals for the next 6 months
        • Provide insights on your fertility history
        • Prepare you for your NaProTechnology medical and surgical consultant appointment
        • Put you on the fastest and easiest path to success with a customized plan
        • Weekly check in to monitor progress


        • 3 month fertility charting and education program
          • Standardized program
          • Taught by trained FertilityCare Practitioners
            • allied health care professionals
            • 13 month certificate program
          • Introductory session
          • 5 Follow ups, approximately one hour each
          • Accessible support for questions or concerns in between follow ups
          • Referral service for NaProTechnology restorative fertility treatment
          • Pregnancy evaluation
          • Virtual services
          • All hardcopy materials

        Here’s what’s waiting for you on the other side:

        • You’ll have clarity and answers within the first 3 months that no other program has explained before
        • You’ll be crystal clear on your biomarkers and fertility charting that point to the root cause of your infertility by investing 10 minutes/day
        • You’ll have a solid time tested plan in place to help you be successful quickly
        • You’ll gain confidence in your health and make progress at every follow up with a practitioner to guide you every step of the way
        • You’ll be able to predict your time of highest fertility to maximize chances of pregnancy
        • You will be in control as an active participant instead of relying on others to reach your goals
        • You’ll have set the foundation for success and life long health

          Meet NaPro Fertility Pharmacist Maria Bizecki:

          You don’t need to study for seven years in university like Maria did to understand your fertility. You know your body better than anyone, and this is your chance to be an active participant with her in discovering the root cause of your fertility struggles. The whole reason Maria became a fertility expert in 2010 was because of her own struggles with fertility and those of women she knew. In fact, thousands of women and couples worldwide over the past 40 years, including her patients, have been taught FertilityCare charting and benefitted from the NaPro treatment program. This time tested and true medical model was created by an OB/GYN and surgical specialist and it can work for you too.
          Take the first step with Maria today!

          Maria Bizecki, BSP ACPR CFCP CFCPhC

          Certified FertilityCare Practitioner and Pharmacist Consultant

          Clinical Pharmacist:

          • Practicing for 10 years at FertilityCare Calgary
          • Trained and certified in the cutting edge restorative fertility program at the Saint Paul VI Institute and Creighton Medical University in 2010 by Thomas Hilgers, OB/Gyn, world renowned expert in restorative reproductive medicine since 1978
          • Practicing clinical pharmacy in Alberta, Canada since 1994
          • Hospital specialist in poison and drug information for 18 years
          • guest lecturer for the Cumming School of Medicine and International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine