Fees for Service

Your Health is an Investment – Not an Expense!

Our fertility clinic operates on a  fee for service basis.

For Canadian citizens, blood work, diagnostic tests and referrals to physicians are generally covered by provinicial health care coverage.   Some insurance plans may cover the consult fees/prescriptions and all fees are income tax deductible.

Please contact us for your free 15 minute appointment to learn more details.

This page outlines general fees involved, please contact us for further details.

Our clinic operates on a fee for service basis and is not covered under provincial health care funding, with the exception of lab work or ultrasounds.

Creighton Model FertiilityCare System charting package:

  • $500 for 5 private follow up sessions
  •  Each additional follow up is $115 

Reproductive Restoration with NaProTechnology: $300-$500

  • Fees vary on the condition requiring treatment 
  • All private consults include up to one hour of initial consult  and three months of prescribing and monitoring of labs and progress
  • Follow up appointments include up to one hour of consult and three months of prescribing and monitoring

Pregnancy monitoring:  $300 per trimester

  • Includes an initial one hour private consult and priority service