There are 3 distinct areas of services we offer:

1. Creighton Model FertilityCare System Charting

Step 1: Creighton Model FertilityCare System – START with the CHART!

Your body has natural biomarkers that help identify the health of your reproductive system. The Creighton Model FeritlityCare diagnostic chart helps you track these “ biomarkers” so that the underlying problem is identified.  Dr. Thomas Hilgers, OB/GYN has called this chart a “Gynecologist’s Dream”.   We agree!

Some women use the chart to learn about their natural cycle while some women may already know something is not quite right.  Some couples want to use it to help avoid or achieve pregnancy. No matter the reason, everyone starts with the fundamental knowledge of the chart.

Sign up here  for a complimentary 45 minute Information Session with one of our FertilityCare Practitioners! It will help you understand what your body is telling you and decide if the program is a good fit.

If you have completed your Information Session and would like would like to sign up for your first follow up, please book an appointment here.

2. Reproductive restoration with NaProTechnology

Step 2: START with a one hour Restorative Reproductive NaProTechnology consult

During your charting journey, have you and your FertilityCare Practitioner found concerns that need addressing or do you have post partum depression? Get a professional opinion about what these biomarkers suggest and how to fix them to return your chart and cycle to normal to restore your health.

The FertilityCare Pharmacist Consultant will work with you to obtain an extensive gynecological and family history, evaluate your diagnostic fertility chart, order baseline hormone bloodwork, and provide a healthy lifestyle management plan.

If you have been referred by a FertilityCare Practitioner,  book your restorative reproductive NaProTechnology consult here.

3. Treatment & Monitoring Plan

Step 3: START with a Treatment and Monitoring Plan

  • Women’s general health Issues including PCOD and endometriosis: 

Your next appointment is scheduled  once your blood work has been completed and evaluated alongside your FertilityCare chart.  Together with the FertilityCare Pharmacist Consultant, you will review the results and  a medical treatment plan discussed (non prescription and prescription options available). Progress is followed up with labwork in 3 month intervals for as long as you wish to continue monitoring. In some cases, referrals may be necessary through your family doctor for additional labs, diagnostic imaging or surgical consults.

  • Subfertility:

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In addition to the above, restorative reproductive subfertility treatment focuses on the three “ings”:

  1. FINDing the Underlying problem
  2. FIXing the Underlying Problem
  3. COUNTing good cycles with monthly monitoring for optimal hormone levels
  • Miscarriage Prevention, Pregnancy Monitoring/Preterm Labour Prevention and Post Partum Depression

Once  you achieve pregnancy, the pregnancy is carefully monitored and  maintained until you are full term.  There are many reasons why miscarriage may occur and there are ways to prevent recurrent ones by ensuring the cycle of conception has optimal hormone levels to begin with.  A healthy baby begins with a healthy conception and implantation during the post-ovulatory or luteal phase, so hormonal restoration is often part of the treatment plan.  Similarly, preterm labour is preventable and we have a specific  symptom monitoring plan as you get closer to term.

Post Partum Depression evaluation and treatment markedly improves symptoms in 80% of women after a single 1-3 day treatment. It quickly and safely restores your body to normal without the need to resort to antidepressant medications.